Why choose EG

EG is a quality-based, service-focused company, instead of low price with bad quality for the market-based.
EG Advantage
Other trading company
Ordinary factory
Competitive price
Material cost: EG works with chip and raw material factories directly, and because of long-term cooperation and cumulative quantity, the cost of EG products which have excellent quality is quite the same as the basic price of the manufacturers.
The same quality, but high price
The same price, but poor quality
Foreign trade cost: Facing the international market, EG has professional cooperation team with low cost of trade operation and going straight through the customs green channel, so EG pricing is very cost-effective and reasonable on equal quality.
Normal market price
Normal market price
Cooperative factory
A type of product fixed 1-2 cooperation factories
Often changed
A single product type
EG will eliminate the factory if they cannot improve their quality or service.
No selective, as long as the factory provide the corresponding products
Limited by investment cost and update slowly
As the core part of smart cards and related products, EG keep upgrading inlay, like copper winding, AL etching, etc.
Only copper winding, need to find AL etching factory
Very few factories that have both copper winding and AL etching
Material (PVC/PET etc.)
EG supply new and better degradable materials such as the same material as Chinese identity card.
Choose materials that looks no problem
Choose low cost or recycled materials
Product variety
Work with a selection of chip manufacturers, software developers and Inlay, Card, RFID label, RFID tag, RFID wristband, RFID key fob, special NFC manufacturers which provides flexibility and ensures that we are able to cater for a wide variety of RFID products.
Focus on only a few products
Single products
Technical support
EG has its own technical team to ensure we can provide professional support and service to our customer.
Common even no support
EG Value
Engrace Technology has built its business model on the basis of offering choice to its customers.
EG provides the best and challenging pricing as a factory direct wholesaler.
China factories have great flexibility, production from full run to semi-processed or half of outsourcing, from automation to semi-automation and semi-hand; quality control from external and internal to only external; material purchasing from new to re-used for low cost, quality test from each process to only the last process, and so on.
However, most Chinese buyers cannot understand the secret, always mislead by website ads from suppliers or presentation from sales. Even if they visited the factories, they still cannot measure the quality and life of products. Only if through a certain period of cooperation and close communication on product quality control and service, they build the strong relationship.
EG is aiming to build the long-lasting relationship with customers.
There is one of phenomena in China that is low price with bad quality. This will end with unreliable relations. The declining quality will have great impact on cooperation and service.
In order to keep long-lasting relationship, EG is aiming to be a reliable, honest and responsible company.
EG Ensured
EG factory-partner
– Supplying products to many famous group companies, such as China Mobile, China Telecom, China Post and bank.
– Quality certifications, such as Visa, Master etc.
VISA, China Telecom, China Post, China Mobile, MasterCard
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