RFID Tags, made from different materials like metal, plastic, wood, paper and others, are suitable for applications of animal, pet, laundry, patrol, clothing, metro, bus, parking, logistics tracking, food tracking, waster bin etc.
Laundry / Patrol RFID tag_EG
Laundry / Patrol RFID tag is made for a professional field of washing industry (laundry), fabric printing industry, medical logistics and other specially tailored a safe, non-toxic, durable and wear-resistant, green label.
Animal RFID tag_EG
Animal RFID tag is specially designed for the management development of stock farming, using TPU or ABS material.
Tree RFID tag_EG
Tree RFID tag (RFID nail tag) is composed of plastic outer covering and robust RFID transponder inside, which could suit for extensive application even a harsh environment.
Tie RFID tag_EG
Tie RFID tag is a new electronic seal that abandons the traditional meter seals and combines RFID chip and seal.
Other RFID tag_EG
Including PVC coin tag, disc tag, waste bin tag, and epoxy RFID tag.
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