RFID Key fobs

RFID key fobs, made of durable ABS, epoxy or other materials, are available with broad range of RFID technology from LF to UHF. They are the extension products of normal ISO cards and easy to carry. They are also called RFID key rings, and available with the most common RFID chip types in 125KHz (LF), 13.56MHz (HF) and in UHF on request. They are widely used for access control system or attendance system etc.
ABS RFID key fob_EG
ABS RFID key fob, made of ABS or PA, is most popular in RFID market, easy to use and carry.
Silicone RFID key fob_EG
Silicone RFID key fob, made of silicone, can be fit to waterproof, dampproof and high temperature resistance.
Leather RFID key fob_EG
Leather RFID key fob, made of PU leather or genuine leather, is very nice and fasion.
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