Plastic card_EG
Plastic card has no RFID chip inside. There are kinds of plastic cards, such as printing card, magnetic card, barcode card, hologram card, scratch card and others on request.
Contact card_EG
Contact card is a plastic identification card containing electronic memory, and in some cases, an embedded chip.
Contactless card_EG
Contactless card, with a contactless interface, includes MIFARE and other ISO 14443/15693 technologies.
Combi / Hybrid card_EG
Combi / Hybrid card is a kind of smartcard with both contactless and contact interfaces.
Card inlay / Prelam_EG
Card inlay / Prelam is used in production of ISO cards, with aluminum(AL) etching, pre-winding copper coil and ultrasonic technology. Different thickness, various shapes for option.
Other card_EG
Clamshell card, Non-standard card, RFID Paper ticket/card.
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