RFID Labels_EG
RFID labels, kinds of adhesive label (sticker) with RFID inlay, are suitable for tracking and management or individual item tagging come in a very wide variety of sizes and in both HF and UHF.
RFID tags are made from different materials like metal, plastic, wood, paper and others; suitable for applications of animal, laundry, metro, waster bin etc.
RFID Wristbands_EG
RFID wristbands are suitable for RFID applications such as RFID access control system, around pools, waterparks, SPA, hospitals, etc.
RFID Key fobs_EG
RFID key fobs, made of durable ABS, Epoxy or other materials, are available with broad range of RFID technology from LF to UHF.
Cards with plastic non-chip interface, and smartcards with contact or contactless interface.
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