About EG

Engrace Technology Co., Limited (EG), established in 2013, is a professional provider of full wide range of RFID and Active products in China, including RFID label & tag, RFID wristband, RFID key fob, smart card, reader/writer system, and Active products.
Our experience in the market has shown that customer requirements are not all the same. EG is working with a selection of chip manufacturers, software developers and RFID label, Inlay, RFID tag, RFID Wristband, RFID Key fob, card manufacturers which provide flexibility.
– Honesty, Responsibility, Improvement.
– Preparation, Progress, Experience, Solutions, After-service.
These are all standards EG has lived by since the very beginning.
– Consistency : EG will be a reliable and steady partner, providing a common experience across our company.
– Assurance : EG will bring confidence to you and your business.
– Responsiveness : EG will provide a timely and accurate response to all business service.
EG builds its business model on the basis of offering choice to its customers.
Our product range includes :
– RFID labels & tags
– RFID Wristbands
– RFID Key fobs
– Cards
– Reader / Writer system
– Active tags / wristbands etc.
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